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Overseas Employment Services and Crew Recruiting Agency.



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              l  DEWATA MARINE,pt has established as Company on 2000,
and the over all policy by which it has always operated is to form 
a sincere and loyal partnership for progress in business.
The major activities, to assist principals in the selection and supply
 of professional workforce of skilled candidates for Cruise Ship 
Cargo Ship, Tanker Ships and Hotel Employment.
l  Based on our good experiences and hard working  also 
have a good relationship with some foreign company as our principals 
in Europe.

                      VISION & MISION  
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·    DEWATA MARINE pt. intends to be an excellent and 
     qualified Indonesian recruiting agency.  
·    With our professional staff and crew, we would like 
     to assist Ship Owner or Principal to be the Best 

            OUR PRODUCT
To recruit staff and crew for : 
     l  Cargo Ship 
- Officer and Rating for
Deck and Engine Dept.
        2  Tanker Ship 
- Officer and Rating for 
Deck and Engine Dept.
        3  Passenger Ship 
        - Housekeeping Dept
- Laundry Dept.
- Restaurant Dept.
- Bar Dept.
     - Kitchen / Galley Dept.

                                              TRAINING CENTER
 - PERTAMINA Marine Training Center.
Why we trust PERTAMINA Marine Training Center:
1. Belonging the Indonesian  Oil Company.
2. Equipment and facility are International Standard.
3. To build many professional officer, rating and all Positions.

                       - DEWATA MARINE Hotel Training Center.
                       1.  Program for Floating Hotel.
                       2.  Equipment and facility are Hotel Standard.
                       3.  Practice in Five Star Hotel.
                            Ps: We sent many crew candidates ready on boards.    

                                                                             MARKET OVERVIEW 
                                                                                - About Indonesian Worker
                                                                              - Hard Worker
                                                                              - Expert
                                                                              - Respect
                                                                              - Loyal
                                                                              - Friendly

1.Club Cruise ship in Nederland
2. MSC  (Italy)
Mediterranean Shipping Company


DIRECTOR                                             : Mr.Yudi Wahyudi & Mr.Mamat
OPRT AND RECRUITMENT                     : Mr. Dede Anggi


            ACCOUNT                               :   Miss  Santi 
            RESEPTION                            :   Miss  Novhi / Elia 
DOCUMENT                                        :   Mr .   Hanadi


     TITIAN ABADI PT. was established as Hotel Training Center and company in 1999, 
and the over all policy by which it has always operated is to form a sincere 
and loyal partnership for progress in business.
     TITIAN ABADI PT. has developed the business of Overseas Employment Services, 
Recruiting Agency and Training Centre. We are specialize in the engagement 
of Indonesian Crew for all departments of any type the vessel and hotel offshore, 
to work for A Cruise line and Hotel where the integration 
of employee from many other nationalities is required and understood 
by our applicants. In selecting crew / employee, we research all backgrounds
records to verify suitable and proper work related experience for the position 
before submitting them to costumer.


Recruitment of manpower in Indonesia for the International and domestic markets must be
carried out by authorized and duty licensed agencies, registered with the government
department controlling this industry. This indicates the control exercised by the
Indonesian Government to ensure that the interest of all concerned, the costumer,
the agency and the employees are fully protected against fraudulent activity. This information
is intended to show prospective costumer that the system under which an agency operates
in Indonesia is fully controlled by the Government. This related particularly to the
procedures that must be followed in the selection process of crew members.
The Indonesian government department controlling all recruiting activities in Indonesia,
and requires prospective costumer to prepare a Manning Agreement appointing a licensed
recruiting agency to act on their behalf in the processing and deployment of crew /
employee for their vessels and hotels.

DEWATA MARINE PT. is a well established company, recognized by this department and
fully licensed and authorized to act on behalf of costumer as their recruiting agent
in Indonesia. The document to enable the agency to act for costumer must be completed
and approve by the government, and once these formalities are finalized, the appointed
agent can the commence the selection process and deployment of crew for hotel and
DEWATA MARINE PT. will undertake to arrange all documentation on your behalf
should you choose  to accept our services.

DEWATA MARINE PT. undertake to trainee and orientate all crew / employee to meet hotel 
and cruise ship standard in respect of joining procedures, ship board orientation and requirements,
this being especially important for new hires. This help to ensure the transition form a shore side
environment to ship easier for them to acquire, and we are also prepare to introduce specific
detail into the training program should the costumer need advance or additional information 
passed on joining crew. 
All training and orientation is carried out in The  DEWATA MARINE TRAINING CENTER
which is located in Jakarta as part of the service we offer our costumers.
In association with a Hotel Cruise Training International, we have training school in Jakarta
where selected candidates will be trained in the working environment of cruise ship.
Courses will include Skills, ship-board familiarization, life-boat and emergency knowledge, 
contractual obligation, living and working in multi cultural background, departments and their
integration into the overall running of the hotel operation of a Hotel and Cruise Ship.
Training will be carried out by experienced former cruise ship and hotel personnel, under
the guidance of our consultant who will coordinate and maintain the training programs to the
latest echniques available in the industry.
A separated profile of the Training Centre Program is included for your attention and we trust
you will appreciate that we are making a serious effort to deploy a higher standard than most
other agencies in this very competitive business.

DEWATA MARINE PT. assume the responsibility of verifying the authenticity of all submitted
documents from applicant including diplomas where required any transcript of records, hotel
and shipping background and employment reference verification.
Verification of documents are handled by a staff of highly experience personal and all records
of education and training are checked out with schools, colleges and other establishments.
Together with the employers concerned.

We maintain a good working liaison and supply of manpower, to many of the leading 5 stars
hotels in Indonesia, and together with our record of good standing with the appointed
governmental departments, we are in position to ensure only the qualified crew will be made
available for deployment.

Where costumer may require the applicant to undergo any specific trade test to evaluate an
applicant’s proficiency, we will undertake to arrange such a test on behalf on our costumer.

All selected applicants are requiring undergo a physical / medical examination by reputable
and accredited medical laboratory as part of the processing procedure.
Strict measures have been designed to preclude any occurrence of fraudulent medical
reports being submitted. When attend to medical examination each applicant must produce
his / her identity card and referral letters to the clinic and laboratory from  
They area also required to  attaché recent photograph on the medical evaluation form as an
added guarantee, and the  laboratory results include stool, urine and blood test and X-rays
of the chest.
As part of the blood test we require the results to include HIV / AIDS assessment. Life
and Medical Insurance is normally arranged by the costumer concerned and is stated in Job
Contract of the employee.
It will be our intention to eventually incorporate a medical facility, which will be international
standards, to process all crew / employee before leaving Jakarta – this will be major step
toward making our facility one of the best in the area.

DEWATA MARINE PT. assumes the responsibility of negotiating the salary offer with the selected
applicants. In addition,  DEWATA MARINE PT. on behalf of the costumer, sign the
Employment Contract with the employee and the contract becomes effective from the date
of signing on board the vessel and hotel for the standard contract duration or as requested
by the costumer.

Once selected applicants are hired and confirmed to joint a hotel and ship, DEWATA MARINE PT.
Initiates the flight reservation and will advise the costumer by e-mail or fax of the names,position
and details of the flight and destination. On arrival the costumer will arrange for the crew
member to be met and transported to the hotel and ship.
Where the costumer may have specific requirements concerning the flight details or other arrangement,
these will be implemented accordingly.

Usually  we require 2 (two) weeks period from the time a costumer hire a crewmember in
order to have all the necessary travel documents checked and updated.
Where a visa is required for the crew member to enter the country of joining the hotel and ship,
we required the costumer to send an official letters of Employment on company letterhead
to our office, addressed to Embassy concerned in Jakarta, Indonesia and marked for the
attention of the Consul. This will enable us to proceed with the issue of the required visa.
Where a costumer may wish to entrust the company with numbered Letters of Employment,
we will gladly hold these and maintain all records concerning their issue.

To ensure the requirements of our costumers are met fully, we have introduced a series
of processing  stages involving the following:
The verification and authenticity of all documents submitted with the application, i.e. educational
and training background, references from previous employment and work experience in their field.
Where required, the submission of any other documentation or clearance to further determines
suitability of the applicant.
Conducting aptitude tests to meet the standards we expect, or as may be requested by our
costumer to meet specification requirements.
Requiring those selected to undergo a physically / medical examination in order to eliminate
applicants not meeting the required health standards.

At present,  DEWATA MARINE PT. carries a comprehensive pool of available crew member /
employee for most vessels and hotel rank and would be in apposition to meet most demands
for a prospective costumer.

As a Joint Venture Company, we over all prospective costumer and invitation to visit Indonesia
and inspect our facilities. We welcome input in our endeavor to achieve the highest standard, and
where we are able to incorporate individual techniques into the training,
we will be willing to comply.

For further information concerning the services offer by DEWATA MARINE PT., please contact
our office at your convenience and we will be happy to discuss your requirements regarding the
hire of crew for your hotels and vessels.
Thanks and Best Regards                                          
Yudi Wahyudi                                                          

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